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High Flight

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Deciding Which Country to Travel To






When I first decided I was going to travel outside of the United States to get plastic surgery I had to decide what country to travel too. My top choices that I was considering were:

  1. Thailand
  2. Dominican Republic
  3. Mexico
  4. Bolivia
  5. Argentina

I found really informational websites about each place and did my research. I decided on Argentina because of cost and location. I was really considering Bolivia but the country has a lot of civil unrest. I did a lot of my research about the locations on the United States Government Travel site: http://travel.state.gov/ . It gives you information about entry requirements along with safety concerns for U.S. citizens traveling to that country. In retrospect, I think that Bolivia would have been safe enough. The United States has one of the highest violent crime rates so I am in more danger traveling to San Francisco or LA then I would be at any of the destinations I considered. Tourism is important to the countries listed and they work hard to keep the tourists safe.

Cost was a big consideration as well. As much as traveling to the Dominican Republic and staying in the Caribbean while recovering sounded awesome, the cost wasn’t in my budget. In fact by the time I flew over there by plane and paid for my hotel or apartment, it would have cost me more than staying at home and having the surgery here in Medford, OR.

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3 Months After Surgery

Belly Button after Tummy Tuck

Healing is still happening, just slowly. I still feel bigger than I thought  I would. I am hoping that there is still swelling to blame for the puffiness. My breasts are still changing and looking better in my opinion.


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What Is Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism is quickly gaining ground in the United States of America. Although the practice of having medical procedures abroad has been popular in Europe and Asia for so many years now, it is only now that Americans are warming up to the idea. Medical tourism caters to 4 groups of people in North America: the uninsured Americans, those Americans who have insurance but have restricted coverage because of preexisting conditions, those Canadians who have socialized medicine but had to wait for long to have popular surgeries, and lastly, those Americans and Canadians who want dental and cosmetic surgeries which are not covered by their insurance.


There are many issues regarding medical tourism. First is the safety and quality of healthcare in other countries. Although there are many sites in the internet which offer medical care, one must be careful in his/her choice because a lot of these sites deceive a lot of consumers. The truth is, one will never know unless he/she has traveled to a particular country to inspect its healthcare quality. The most feasible thing to do is to search for a person you can trust who can give an impartial point of view.


Another important consideration is the cost of the medical procedure. In some countries, the price of surgery can be as low as 10% of the procedure’s price in the US. This is primarily because payment for a surgery in other countries only goes to hospital workers, anesthesiologists, and surgeons who actually performed the procedure. In the United States of America, there are so many workers who are paid to shuffle paper around. People are paid in the health insurance companies to disapprove health claims. Medicaid and Medicare government workers are paid to find new alternatives to deny payments to hospitals and doctors for the medical services they rendered. Hospitals and doctors’ offices employ a lot of people to reclassify medical procedures so that insurance companies them. All of these explain why medical procedures are very expensive in the USA.


Also, in some countries, medical practitioners and hospitals do not have to pay medical malpractice insurance premiums which are very expensive while in the US, they are required to pay for these expensive premiums which will pay for the legal expenses incurred when a patient sues. In other countries, a medical tourist will just have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue the hospital and doctors on certain conditions. Because of this, the cost of surgical procedure in these countries is cheaper compared to the same medical procedure in the US.


In choosing for a destination, it is important to educate oneself about the particular country and its culture. Careful research and planning must be done because one is expected to stay in that country during the recuperation period which can last for one month. It is also important to research about the type of surgery one will be having because he/she may be restricted to enjoy some activities while recuperating.

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After Surgery

After 2nd Surgery

I went in for two separate surgeries. The first surgery was my tummy tuck and liposuction of my entire trunk and lasted about five hours. The second surgery was a breast lift and augmentation and it lasted about three hours. Here are photos of me right after surgery as well as several days after surgery.

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Plastic Surgery in South Africa

Plastic Surgery in South Africa

South Africa is fast becoming a favorite place by patients to have their plastic surgery. This is primarily because the country offers not only cosmetic surgery but safari and sun as well. Most of these international patients do enjoy a great tan when they go home after the surgery. These patients enjoy the Wild Coast, Cape Winelands, and game parks aside from the transformation on their either figure or face. Patients from Western countries do enjoy affordable medical holidays in South Africa because of its favorable exchange rates.

South Africa is popular among medical tourists because of the country’s various tourist attractions, expert cosmetic or plastic surgeons, and high standard of medical care. Scalpel safari tourism was started because medical tourists choose South Africa for the sun and safari. The majority of medical tourists who travel to South Africa come from the UK and USA in order to take advantage of the country’s medical excellence and the low value of the Rand.

Popular plastic surgery procedures include nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction, breast augmentation, and dentistry. The country is known for its cosmetic surgery clinics, which offer the latest treatments and technology. Medical tourists voyage to South Africa because they get value for their money. International patients go to South Africa because the procedures in the country are less expensive. In addition, some patients are embarrassed when they have a plastic surgery so they travel to the country for the procedure.

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2 Months After Surgery

The infection has finally gone away but it left me with some nasty scars and my belly button has grown shut. So now I have to figure out what I will have to do to fix that situation.


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2 Weeks After Surgery

Week 2 After Surgery

The infection in my wounds has gotten increasingly bad over the past week and my wounds are looking very gross.

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